Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive

September 11-14th.
I attended the LVBDI from Friday to Monday this month. I had so much fun. I shared my hotel room at the Palace Station with a friend from Canada. She owns her dance studio.
I tried a great meal at nigth at the hotel, Oyster Bar, I stuffed myself. I made a friend, who lives in Texas but was there for Legal Conference. I got some information about how to get a government grant for any of my projects I am working on.
Next day, I took Aubre's Fusion class and Amaya's Old World Steps, it was fun. I bought myself few Eye Candy glitter eye makeup items.
Saturday Night was the Pro Show. I danced my Romani piece with my new Bella Costume, it went really well with no slipping, no falling, no costume malfunctioning...
Estella and I went out to Blue Martini, eat/drank/danced...we had fun together...
Sunday I took two workshops; Khalidji and rythm class.
Whole weekend; I met new dancers, sponsors, vendors, friends...took lots of pictures.
After party on Sunday night was great. I attended for the Amaya's American Legends DVD Release party and completely thrilled Helena Vlahos and Morwenna Assaf dances...they are living legends...
it was hard to come back to work the Monday super early morning.

Turkey and Taiwan Trip

I was in Turkey and Taiwan for around 20 days or so...Pretty much whole month of August I spent 36K miles + in the air travelling from San Diego to Istanbul, Istanbul to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Taiwan, Taiwan to Penghu Islands, Taiwan to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Istanbul, Istanbul to San Diego...wow..
that is why I could not sleep at nights for about a week after I got back.
I had great time; shopping in Istanbul: Kapalicarsi "Grand Bazaar", Bella Boutique for my beautiful, expensive 4 costumes...that is right, I had barely any money left for anything else, take class with Reyhan, meeting Ozma, my new friend lives in Japan, wedding in Taiwan, snorkeling in Penghu Islands, eating lots of yummy Chinese and Taiwenese traditional food.
I had great time with my family.

2009 Belly Dancer of the Universe

I attended the BDUC competition in Long Beach in 2008 in Universal Category. I have placed 1st runner up, which I was happy about, but of course winning gives you a different feeling. You are more up on the Cloud 9
Universal Category has pretty tough requirements, playing finger cymbals, and follow 4/4, 9/8 and 6/8 rythms. I have used Persian song for my end routine which is 6/8, I have started with Egyptian upbeat 4/4, and taksim and used Turkish Romani (more like slow Gayda) as 9/8 which I love.
I did not change much in my routine and went to 2009 competition. I have passed the preliminary, one of the 4 dancers, went to Finals the next day. I did not want to feel nervous cause I know I dont do well when I am nervous...but how cannot you.
Our category was of course the last category to compete, I am already tired of waiting and being nervous. I have gone 1st in the lineup, oh mine...that made it actually a lot easier on my nerve system.
Shortly after the competition, winners announced...
Larry, one of my fan from San Diego dance community, was there to cheer for me...I cried and he screames "YES, YES, YEAH" hahaha that was pretty cool of him cheer for me very hard.
I hugged with Mariam, who won the Egyptian Category, took pictures with sponsors Sami Faraq, Rahana, Harry Saroyan....this was a moment in my dance career.