Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poway Library Classes-Free for public

As some of you know I thaought in El Cajon Library for few months, they were well received and very successfull. Arabina Dance Company danced few times at special Arabic Events they organized.
This time I got offered to teach at Poway Library, 13137 Poway Road.
Class dates and time:
October 25th Sun 2pm
Nov 7th Sat 2pm and Nov 14th Sat 2pm

Hope you can make it
It will be combos/technique/fun folkloric steps and more...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Little About Me...

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated with Magna Cum Laude with BA degree from University of Marmara.

I travelled to Cambridge, England for continuation of my studies to learn English. With my family's endless support I moved to the US to pursue my MBA then my MSCS. I have been working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer end of 1999.

I fell in love with belly dancing as a child grow up with music,watching dancing, gypsies, and culture, but never occured to me to become a professional performer in this art. It is not common in Turkish for a young girl if the family is not from the music to become a dancer.

Instead I played kanun, sang in choirs, played tennis, ran short distance in high school, played handball, got yellow/brown belt in Taekwando, did yoga, and finally I decided belly dancing...very happy with my decision.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

November 27-29th Mexico City Workshops and Master Classes

From this workshop, I am going to Guadalajara to teach some Master Classes at my student Yamel's studio, more details to be announced.

Lugar: Instituto Mexicano de Danzas Árabes

Av. Xola No.1015, 2o piso, Local C, esq. con Enrique Rebsamen. Col. Narvarte, cerca del metro Etiopía. Tel. 5639.7302

Asegura tu lugar con un deposito inicial de $500 pesos. Banamex 0278-7502086 a nombre de Lizeth Revueltas Mora.

Certificado de participación avalado por IMDA Y Danar. Informes e inscripciones con Lizeth Revueltas - 5586.6485

* Cupo limitado *

27 Novembre '09 - viernes

Tecnicas - Coordinación, tiempos.

17:00 a 20:00 - 3 hrs. $500

Nivel Basico/Intermedio

28 Noviembre '09 - sábado

Velo, Beledy/Chiftetelli.

10:00 a 15:00 hrs. - $1,000 Nivel Intermedio/Avanzado

Master Class

Layering, isolations,

advance combos & finger cymbals.

17:00 a 20:00 hrs. - 3 hrs $500

Nivel Avanzado

29 Noviembre '09 - domingo

Turkish Orientale with Finger Cymbals/Turkish 9/8 Gypsy or "Roman"

10:00 a 15:00 hrs. - $1,000 Nivel Intermedio/Avanzado

November 8th San Diego Turkish Romani 9/8 Choreography Workshop

I am not teaching my weekly Sunday classes any more, I just dont have much time for big projects and also I am not around in town every week, is just not fair for the girls to wait for me. Instead I have decided I am teaching monthly workshops in different subjects that are not widely thaught and specialty. Of course I will teach more in technique/styles/props and my specialties but for now I will stick to subjects that are rare. Hope to get these workshops around the country and the world, which I have already started my journey.

Next workshop will be one of my specialty Turkish Romani, also knows as Rom/gypsy/cingene

November 8th,Stage 7 School of Dance, 3980 30th street
12-2pm $30 for 2 hours.
you can pay paypal
or send a check (private address so you have to contact me for that)

October 22nd Workshop in LA

I am working on a piece for a private workshop for one of my Armenian dance friend in Los Angeles.
She is putting a big stage show in a famous theater in LA, and I am honored to be one of the choreographers to finish a Romani piece to an Armenian/Turkish music recorded in Turkey.

2009 Arabian Nights at the Sea

This event was so much fun. We have taken off with Carnival Paradise ship from Long Beach on Friday 25th arrived to Ensenada on Saturday. I have not left the ship, I had to relax in the jacuzzi and take workshops with wonderful teachers.
Sunday we are on the sea. We arrived on Monday morning, I had to leave right away and get to my work in San Diego ;(
My roommate was a lovely lady, Rachel from Long Beach area. I made few really fun friends, hope to keep in touch and see them again.
Every night we had some fun going on.
Friday was the teachers' show, Sunday was hafla, I have signed up for the hafla. I have danced last, which was a treat to me. Light rain music was great, and Reda Darwish drumming was also wonderful.
I am looking forward watching my video. I have received many compliments with my dancing, I think Light Rain, which was my first time with them, knows really well how to play for dancers, they followed my moves and actually complete my dancing really well.
Dancing with Fahtiem both at the Drum circle and in Rex Night club was such a fun experience, she has endless energy and great style.