Friday, October 16, 2009

Little About Me...

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated with Magna Cum Laude with BA degree from University of Marmara.

I travelled to Cambridge, England for continuation of my studies to learn English. With my family's endless support I moved to the US to pursue my MBA then my MSCS. I have been working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer end of 1999.

I fell in love with belly dancing as a child grow up with music,watching dancing, gypsies, and culture, but never occured to me to become a professional performer in this art. It is not common in Turkish for a young girl if the family is not from the music to become a dancer.

Instead I played kanun, sang in choirs, played tennis, ran short distance in high school, played handball, got yellow/brown belt in Taekwando, did yoga, and finally I decided belly dancing...very happy with my decision.

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