Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009 Arabian Nights at the Sea

This event was so much fun. We have taken off with Carnival Paradise ship from Long Beach on Friday 25th arrived to Ensenada on Saturday. I have not left the ship, I had to relax in the jacuzzi and take workshops with wonderful teachers.
Sunday we are on the sea. We arrived on Monday morning, I had to leave right away and get to my work in San Diego ;(
My roommate was a lovely lady, Rachel from Long Beach area. I made few really fun friends, hope to keep in touch and see them again.
Every night we had some fun going on.
Friday was the teachers' show, Sunday was hafla, I have signed up for the hafla. I have danced last, which was a treat to me. Light rain music was great, and Reda Darwish drumming was also wonderful.
I am looking forward watching my video. I have received many compliments with my dancing, I think Light Rain, which was my first time with them, knows really well how to play for dancers, they followed my moves and actually complete my dancing really well.
Dancing with Fahtiem both at the Drum circle and in Rex Night club was such a fun experience, she has endless energy and great style.

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