Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turkey and Taiwan Trip

I was in Turkey and Taiwan for around 20 days or so...Pretty much whole month of August I spent 36K miles + in the air travelling from San Diego to Istanbul, Istanbul to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Taiwan, Taiwan to Penghu Islands, Taiwan to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Istanbul, Istanbul to San Diego...wow..
that is why I could not sleep at nights for about a week after I got back.
I had great time; shopping in Istanbul: Kapalicarsi "Grand Bazaar", Bella Boutique for my beautiful, expensive 4 costumes...that is right, I had barely any money left for anything else, take class with Reyhan, meeting Ozma, my new friend lives in Japan, wedding in Taiwan, snorkeling in Penghu Islands, eating lots of yummy Chinese and Taiwenese traditional food.
I had great time with my family.

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